The Yards (DVD)

The Yards (DVD)

Director James Gray`s second film is a dark and atmospheric exploration of the corruption that lies underneath both the surface of a New York City railway manufacturing company and the family that runs it. Mark Wahlberg turns in an impressive and quietly intense performance as Leo, a 24-year-old who has just been released from prison and is in need of a job. Leo gets a job working for his uncle Frank (James Caan) in the railway business, where his best friend, Willie (Joaquin Phoenix), shows him how to bribe politicians by day and sabotage the competition`s work by night. Almost immediately Leo and Willie run into trouble when they go down to the railway yards to damage their competitor`s work. Leo is soon on the run, hunted for a murder that Willie committed.Gray`s THE YARDS shows the obvious influence of Francis Ford Coppola`s seminal GODFATHER films as he emphasizes that his characters inhabit two worlds, one that follows the shifting morality of their businesses, the other centering around traditional family life. Aided immeasurably by its outstanding cast, stylish visual sense, and a lush, dissonant score, THE YARDS is a gripping and intensely moving film that fully lives up to its own ambitions.

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