Dune Buggy Velvet Art Craft Kit (makes 12)

Dune Buggy Velvet Art Craft Kit (makes 12)

You can almost feel the mud splatter! Fun to feel and bolds lines make coloring a cinch. 8-1/2" x 11". Markers included. S&S©

Our Gee-Perz™-brand products make planning easy.
All supplies are included – everything your group needs for Right Out of the Box Fun!
That means MORE brushes, MORE glue, MORE paint.
Just add imagination… We provide the rest!

Gee-Perz kits appeal to a wide range of ages and abilities. They're easy to complete, make great gifts or decorations – and most of all – they're fun to do! Both kids and older clients will love a finished product that they'll be proud to display or give away.

Crafts are an integral part of development, helping little ones learn and grow. The benefits abound. Kids learn to improvise and problem solve, they become more confident and their social skill improve. Crafts also nurture a need for self-expression, revealing personalities in wonderful ways. You may be surprised when one of your wallflowers becomes a crafting superstar!

Help preserve the precious gift of imagination with a Gee-Perz kit today.

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Dune Buggy Velvet Art Craft Kit (makes 12) $13.99 Visit Store
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