Boundaroos  (set of 6)  

Boundaroos (set of 6)

Boundaroos are potato sacks with a twist. Each bag in the 6-color set has a flat bottom, super-stitched seams and 2 nylon web handles. Bags are imprinted with a single numeral (1 -- 6) and the number spelled out in English, Spanish and Roman Numerals....

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Burlap Potato Sacks  (pack of 12)  

Burlap Potato Sacks (pack of 12)

The sack race is back! Great for sack races and field day events. Burlap sacks help to develop motor skills and coordination. Great activity fun for students, individuals, schools, camps or church outings. Size of sacks may vary slightly, but are a minimum...

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Mini Trampoline Jogger  

Mini Trampoline Jogger

Get a low-impact aerobic workout without going anywhere! The InTONE® Jogger rebounder with padded handlebar builds cardiovascular fitness, tones legs, abs, buttocks and back, while also increasing metabolism. The handlebar adds stability and puts you...

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Nylon Juggling Scarves  (set of 12)  

Nylon Juggling Scarves (set of 12)

These brightly colored 18" nylon scarves are just about the easiest objects to help you teach the rudiments of juggling and to help improve upper-extremity movement, eye-hand coordination, depth perception, balancing and catching. Fun for all ages.

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Spectrum™ Ribbon Wands 36" long  (set of 6)  

Spectrumâ„¢ Ribbon Wands 36" long (set of 6)

These quality ribbon wands are great for working on range of motion, eye-tracking skills and enhancing any musical activity. Bright colors of ribbon are attached to 9"-long plastic sparkle wands with swivels to prevent tangling. Each set consists of 6...

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